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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  March 27, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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in. >> pam: now at 11. days after veteran san jose police officer michael johnson was gunned down in the line of duty. support continues to pour in across the bay area. memorials set up across the south bay to remember officer johnson. good evening. i'm pam moore. tonight kron-4's philippe djegal shows us how the community is honoring one of the bay area's finest. >> phillipe: this night gave people a chance to mourn together here at city hall -- a community clearly still in pain with many saying the murder of officer michael johnson strikes at the very core. >> "i'm a son of a former san jose police officer and you know it really takes my heart a lot because its pretty much
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like losing a family member." >> phillipe: and, with san jose police officers standing shoulder to shoulder -- others echoing those same sentiments. >> "we love them. we care about them, and the safety of them and their families." >> phillipe: elected city, state and county officials who knew officer johnson, describe him as. >> "a person who personified the very best of what our community can be." >> phillipe: moving forward, the chief of police hoping this tragedy brings the community closer -- bridging the divide between officers and the people they serve. >> "what happened tuesday could have happened on any given day. so, thank you for being there. but we need to keep this momentum." >> phillipe: so, next time you see an officer. >> "just go up and say thank you for what they do." >> phillipe: there was no mention of the killer -- whose left a dark hole in so many hearts.
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>> sot- "it gets my blood boiling because i don't understand how there men risk so much for people that care so little." >> phillipe: in san jose, philippe djegal, kron four news. >> pam: we are learning more details about tuesday's deadly shooting in san jose that left officer johnson dead. including how the safety of other officers might have been affected that night. today, police officials said, the department's mobile computer system was down for hours. after officer johnson was killed. it left officers relying on their radios and cellphones. and they had trouble coordinating with each other and with outside agencies. in fact, some computers have so many problems. that officers have to go into the trunk of their cars. and reboot the system. the department says, it has been slowly phasing out the old computers. a few at a time. and hopes to complete the transformation by the end of the year. >> pam: breaking news tonight. a man was hit and killed by a car in martinez tonight. it happened on morello avenue near highway- 4 around 8-20. the driver is cooperating with police.
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officials say, there were no immediately obvious signs of drugs or alcohol. and police are still working to determine whether the man was in the crosswalk. when he was hit. >> pam: new video tonight. of a woman allegedly kidnapped and held for ransom. denise huskins, seen here walking in a black hoodie. is the woman involved in what investigators are now calling a kidnapping hoax. officials say, huskins' boyfriend --aaron quinn--- called police monday. claiming she was kidnapped from his vallejo home for ransom. huskins was found safe on wednesday, more than 4-hundred miles away in huntington beach. but lawyers for both huskins and quinn. are adament they were victims of a legimitate crime. quinn's lawyer acknowledges to kron-4. he has never seen anything like this. >> i have dealt with kidnaps. and this is completely outside my experience. i believe we have
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solid leads to go on to figure out what these folks did >> pam: charges are possible in the case. but authorities are still unclear what exactly is going on. the f-b-i is also investigating the huskins' financial records. >> pam: the verdict is in. for a high- profile sex discrimination lawsuit. a jury ruled in favor of the venture capitalist company. which was being sued by a former employee for gender bias. ellen pao was suing kleiner - perkins. alleging the company did not promote her based on gender. and that her gender also factored in to the company decision to fire her. it was a closely watched case among tech and feminist groups in particular. because of its potential to affect future gender cases. but today, the jury rejected pao's 16- million dollar lawsuit. pao says, despite the verdict. she does not regret the trial. and that if the case has helped level the playing field for women and minorities in the venture capital industry. then her battle was worth it.
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>> pam: there is a better news on the health of the south bay honor student who was viciously attacked at a mall. 17-year-old christian rasner was brutally assaulted at valley fair mall in san jose earlier this month. the ambush put him in a hospital. needing brain surgery. after doctors reduced sedatives, rasner's family says he woke up--for the first time since the incident. yesterday, authorities arrested his alleged attacker. >> he told his mom he loves her it's just remarkable >> pam: although there is a long road ahead, the family is hopeful that rasner can make a full recovery at valley medical center. meanwhile, the suspect - 25- year-old troung huynh has been arrested on felony battery charges. >> pam: coming up. more backlash from the bay area. against a new law in indiana. which permits discrimination against the gay community. the email controversy against hillary clinton. faces a new challenge for those who want to
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read her exchanges. plus. increasing complaints against the martinez school district, after an eleven year old boy is stabbed.
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>> pam: an unprovoked stabbing at an east bay school. and some parents say they are worried the school is not doing enough to prevent similar incidents. the stabbing happened yesterday at martinez junior high. authorities say, a 13- year old confessed to stabbing an 11- year-old in the locker room during p-e class. the juvenile suspect is now in custody. kron-4 spoke to one parent who says, he reported his son was being bullied to school officials three times in the past year. but claims, the vice- principal quote - 'kinda just blew off' his complaint. the martinez school superintendent says, student saftey is number one. and they will look into some new cases. which have now come to their attention. >> pam: a former east bay teacher will spend 12 -years in prison.
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joseph martin avoided a life sentence. after a judge dismissed an enhancement on his conviction. the former concord teacher was convicted back in january. on 19- counts of molestation. involving seven boys he taught. he has already spent the past two -years in jail. he could be released by 20-23. >> pam: coming up. finding this penny was worth more than good luck. just how much someone was willing to pay. to take home one of the first pennies ever made in the u-s. plus. berkeley police sending out an alert. about a spike in home burglaries. we have details. >> everywhere around here.the wrestling fans are the greatest fans in the world. >> pam: the biggest stars of the wrestling world have descended on the bay area. we'll tell you how you can catch the action. >> gary: coming up a little bit later in this broadcast, how good are the warriors? boy they show you again tonight in memphis. also, uh, ucla, goodbye. and their one time head coach marin steve lavin
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goodbye. my body guard kevin though a great performance though as an assistant coach in the high school prep playoffs a little bit later in this broadcast. >> vanessa: breezy,cloudier and cooler this evening with an approaching cold front.i'll show you how it will impact your weekend coming up
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>> pam: berkeley police are warning residents to be on the lookout for burglars in their neighborhoods. police say, they have seen a significant uptick in home break- in's this year. kron four's jeff bush breaks down the numbers. and shows you which neighborhoods are most affected. >> jeff: berkeley police say they have seen a significant number of home burglaries compared to this time last year. the reasons are unknown but police did release this map to kron four news and it illustrates the hot spots around town. police say they have noticed a lot of criminal activity in the neighborhood east of ohlone park. if you take a look you can see the areas in blue and purple are the hardes hit neighborhoods. other regions that have caught the attention of police are the areas south of the u.c. berkeley campus and the elmwood neighborhood. residents in the ohlone park neighborhood say that several homes have been burglarized
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several times in the last few weekspolice say they are stepping up patrols in the area but they say they need the public's help. police say now, more than ever, it's important to lock all the windows and doors to the house and make it look like there is someone home. take in your mail and leave lights on timers. police say they need residents to report suspicious behavior in their neighborhood. i'm jeff bush in berkeley, kron four news. >> vanessa: cold front swings through the bay area overnight. winds and clouds increase ahead of this distrubance. cooler air filters in behind the front on saturday on the back of northerly breeze. inland spots
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will see slightly cooler temperatures while the coast will see a bit more sunshine and warmth. sunday will be brighter and warmer bay area wide with less wind. temperatures remain above average and we stay dry for the next seven days. tomorrow will be comfortable with amid an upper 50s. the
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afternoon and will be warmer in the '60s, with other areas in the middle and upper '70's. the storm system will make us warmer throughout the week. >> pam: the new law recently passed by state of indiana. continues to anger many members of the l-g-b-t community and their supporters. the state passed into law the "religious freedom act".it allows businesses to turn away customers from the l-g-b-t community. san francisco mayor ed lee is now banning city employees from taking publicly funded trips to the hoosier state. city supervisor scott weiner hopes others will join their boycott.
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>> we need to come down like a hammer and indiana for doing this. and to other states that institutionalize hatred against the ldp to the community. >> pam: the n-f-l, which holds the annual scouting combine in indianapolis says. it is looking into the new law. the n-c-a-a, which is holding the upcoming final four there has also voiced its concerns about how the law will effect its employees and student athletes. >> pam: if anyone was hoping to see the e-mails on hillary clinton's personal server, her lawyer says, it is too late. those e-mails are all gone. the former secretary of state came under fire for using a private e-mail server. to do official government business. she says she turned over copies
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of all e-mails that were pertinent to her position. but not everyone believes that. the republican chairman of the house committee investigating the benghazi terror attacks subpoenaed the e-mails. clinton's attorney informed the chairman, that the server had been wiped clean. and all e- mails were permanently erased. the house committee chairman says. it is not clear when clinton erased the server. >> pam: get ready to rumble wrestling fans. the w-w-e's wrestlemania is here in the bay area. the professional wrestling craze landed in san jose today.with the four day wrestlemania axxess festival. ticketholders can meet and greet current and former w-w-e stars. kron-4's mike pelton sat down with one of the greatest.hulk hogan!. who says the bay area has a long history with professional wrestling. >> it goes way back to the pat patterson, ray stevens days, back in the 60s and 70s. there's a huge legacy here in the bay area where a lot of great wrestlers came from; peter maivia, the samoans, all kind of really great wrestlers. so to be here and to know how intense the fans are, it's crazy because the more the fans gets dialed up, the more energy there is in levi's stadium, the better
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these wrestlers perform and it's going to be sports entertainment at the highest level. >> pam: levi's stadium will host wrestlemania 31 on sunday. officials say extra trains and buses will be offered to take people to levi's. the event starts at 3-30. you can check out more interviews with w-w-e- stars on our website. just head over to kron-4 dot com. you will find them posted under latest local videos. from one more than one million dollars. this is one of the first pennies ever made in the u-s and features 'lady liberty'. it was auctioned off thursday in baltimore. the winning bid-- nearly one point-two million dollars. the 223-year-old coin is known as the birch cent. it was made in 17-92. months after congress first authorized the one-cent denomination. as far as collectors know, there are only ten of these coins in existence. still ahead.
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only 8 teams still dancing in the ncaa tournament. gary has the highlights and steph curry and the warriors make a statement against the 2nd best team in the west. all the sports next >> reporter: coming up sunday night, the final four will be set we're talking march madness. plus steph curry's, sean livington shares his remarkable story of perserverance and baseball is almost back. we look ahead to next week's bay bridge series. it's sports night live sunday night at 9 right after the news.
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>> gary: warriors--grizzlies. the two best teams in the west. steph curry and the warriors trying to make a statement against the 2nd place grizzlies steph and klay big nights tonight the dubs once again huge 3rd quarter curry - the pump fake and tear drop - warriors up 7 klay thompson from curry - a corner pocket 3-pointer klay: 28 points curry 3-pointer to put warriors up by 11 curry: 38 points, 10 assists curry - gets free on the break and does a little reverse layup warriors outscore grizz 31-16 in 3rd warriors win 107-94 franchise tying 59th win franchise best 25th road win warriors 8th straight win
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steve stephen curry will be in milwaukee the next nine. stanford is out of the women's ncaa tournament after losing 80- 61 to notre dame. it was the 20th straight win for the fighting irish who advance to the elite 8 for stanford the season ends with a 26-10 record ucla versus gonzaga on the men's side ucla head coach steve alford and gonzaga head coach mark few 1st half zags big man przmek karnowski - works inside for the layup and the foul 27-16 gonzaga.karnowski: 18 points 9 rebs 2nd half karnowski - the great behind back pass to domantas sabonis for the dunk 52-37 gonzaga final: 74-62 gonzaga bulldogs reach elite 8 for first time since 1999 looks like gonzaga will face duke on sunday st. john's parted ways with steve lavin today. and that could open the door for.
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chris mullin to take over the job. mullin has been rumored to be the front runner to replace lavin who coached st. john's the past 5 years. mullin is of course one of the all time great warriors. and one of the great players in the history of st. john's as well girls high school basketball state championships at haas pavilion in berkeley division 5 title on the line - eastside prep head coach donovan blythe and his trusty assistant kevin "the bodyguard" seitertaking on la jolla country day prep coming in with a 25-5 record and just 6 players on the roster end of the 1st eastside prep takes the lead on this 3-pointer at the buzzer by chasity cunningham game was back and forthdefensive battle 4th quarter prep turns it over - mariana eshia finishes for la jolla with the finger roll to give country day the lead for good time runs out for blythe,
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seiter, and eastside prep la jolla country day wins a low scoring nail biter 40-36 division 5 title goes to la jolla head coach malik mccord in his 6th season at o'dowd taking on brea olinda 4th quarter.o'dowd up by 13 good ball movement o'dowd- asha thomas hits the wide up 3 from the corner bishop o'dowd wins 55-40 the dragons wins their 3rd division iii girls basketball championship of the past 4 years a soccer player hit by a flare this russian soccer match in montenegro was suspended when goalkeeper igor akinfeev was hit in the head by a flaretake a few looksthe flare comes down from the stands police arrested the fan who threw it.the game was stopped for a bout a minute and akinfeev was carted off on a stretcher and taken to a local hospitalhe was said to be conscious wearing a neck brace
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thank you for watching kron 4 news and have a great night!
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did they try to break the door down? with an ax? >> the desperate measures the pilot took to try to smash down the cockpit door. and the note from his doctors that he left behind. >> that note was ripped up. and new video -- >> i appreciate you. >> that's to his son. and then i really was kidnapped. >> the gone girl accused of faking her abduction. >> the true story will come out. and trapped, thousand woman on the fire escape got out alive. and look who lives in the building. the actresses from the sopranos. and then piano mystery. >> look at that. >> who put this 500-pound piano on


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